Secure Document Delivery,
Contract Exchange,
for client Approval
and e-Signature

As general data protection regulations tighten and digital threats rise, it’s more and more important than ever that businesses and organisations protect not only their own data and documents, but also those of the people they work with and for! Client confidential information and documents do not need be put at risk!

✔️ Your own branded Portal
✔️ Send documents securely
✔️ Approve electronically
✔️ E-signatures
✔️ Unlimited send
✔️ Signature placement
✔️ Signature templates
✔️ Share files securely
✔️ Process approval
✔️ Client upload
✔️ Automated reminder
✔️ Full audit trail
✔️ Reporting
✔️ Request document sets

Client Portal

With Docusoft CloudFiler you have your very own branded client Portal. It protects client confidential data by sending documents securely, for remote approval and e-signature, with one click!

With features for secure document distribution and onboarding with document request features.

Docusoft’s Portal is the flexible document delivery service for anyone who needs fast and secure document delivery. Clients can also send you documents too!!